Islam in Ghana - Report

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Accra, Muharram 21/Apr 15 (IINA) - Ghana was formerly known as the Gold Coast, because the mining of this commodity was the most profitable commercial undertaking at the time in this West African country that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean.

Out of its population of 20 million, Ghana’s Muslims account for 45 percent of that population.

Sheikh Hassan Khalid, a prominent Ghanaian Islamic Daawa activist said that Islam reached through Daawa activists who visited the country from the neighboring African countries, whose sole aim was to spread Islam to their neighbors.

Sheikh Hassan told DAAWA magazine that many of Ghana’s Daawa activists got their Islamic education in mosques where the activists from the neighboring countries used to give instruction to the Muslims, adding that the mosque in Ghana is playing a prominent role in the lives of the Muslims here.

He said apart from being a place of worship, the mosque is also a place of learning, scholarship, and guidance, adding that in addition to the learning the Holy Qur’an the faithful learn other subjects, such as the Prophet’s Hadith, and other Islamic Shari’a Studies.

Sheikh Hassan Khalid said that the Daawa activists of Ghana are now focusing their attention on the Muslim youths, so as to prevent them from going astray, and lead them toward the proper path and the correct Islamic practices.

Speaking about some of the problems facing Ghanaian Muslims, Sheikh Hassan said that ignorance is one of the problems, and the Daawa activities face the problem of lack of resources, and this has made it impossible to acquire new and modern methods of spreading the Islamic Daawa. These include printing presses and other communication equipments.

Sheikh Hassan also referred to the sporadic frictions between Muslims, and said that these frictions also hamper Daawa work, in one or another.


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